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Lauren J. Gabriel Law Office is dedicated to helping small businesses achieve their goals. When you need legal advice on forming a business, drafting consulting agreements, or licensing intellectual property, we can help. We focus on pragmatic solutions for businesses, and offer rates customized to fit your needs.

Our mission is to work with you to enhance your autonomy by working with you to understand your rights and obligations in your personal life and career. Depending on the nature of your matter, we may be able to offer you limited services for a fixed fee.

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Lauren J. Gabriel

Barrister & Solicitor

Lauren J. Gabriel graduated from the dual degree program at the University of British Columbia and the University of Hawaii, receiving Juris Doctors from both universities. Her studies focused on international business law and intellectual property. She has worked in the in-house counsel department of a hospitality & development company, engaged directly with small business owners navigating entity formation, co-founded a patent-prosecuting LLC, provided opinions to non-profit entities about corporate structure and Canadian non-profit legal obligations, and has also baked croissants from scratch.


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